Remember to always protect your furniture from hot items, liquids and dirt. Always wipe up dit or stains at once.



Aluminum, stainless steel, lacquered and chromed steel are very resistant surfaces, but keep in mind that even these surfaces can stain dirt and liquids. Only wipe the surface with a soft clean cloth moistened in soapy water. Always wipe dry with a dry cloth. Never use solvents on painted or surface treated metal. For glossy surfaces, normal window cleaners can be used (without chlorides content)



Our glass is always tempered. Tempered glass is strong and very durable, but as with all glass you have to be carefull with it. We recommend using coasters for items that can scratch the glass, for example. plates, glasses etc.

Glass is cleaned with a clean cloth, if it's is not clean, scratches can occur. Use a glass cleaner.



Regular cleaning is important for a piece of furniture to maintain its appearance and lasting a long time. Please impregnate your furniture with textile spray before you start using it. Vacuum clean weekly. Use lukewarm water to dissolve stains, wipes may be used if necessary.



Keep in mind that all furniture is affected by sunlight. Therefore, protect your furniture from direct sunlight and keep in mind that even high-gloss material may fade.


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