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We offer payment with debet or credit card through Paypal or Klarna Checkout (depends on which country you purchase from)

Via Klarna Checkout you can pay with the following options:


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Online Payment

Direct payment by bank

After identification and risk assessment, Klarna Checkout shows the payment options that can be offered to you. Whatever payment option you choose, Klarna or one of Klaren's partners is the one who manages the payment transaction, while the purchase of the item or service is made directly by the store. Product or service-specific questions should therefore be addressed directly to the store.




Schangtil Design AB sells and supplies to the whole of the EU. Deliveries are done in cooperation with DSV, DHL and their partners.

Products in stock shipped within 1-5 business days. Orders / Items not in stock have a estimated delivery time of 12-14 weeks.

Deliveries under 15 kg are sent by Postnord or DHL and delivered to your nearest Post Office. Deliveries over 15 kg are always made to your home or the address you specified as the delivery address. The products are shipped to your port if you live in an apartment or up to the site boundary if you live in a house. Delivery usually takes place on weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00. Time deviations may occur between different transport offices and towns. You will be notified by telephone / mail / sms in advance. If you agree with the shipping company that they can place the delivery outside of your home without acknowledging receipt of delivery, do so at your own risk. Schangtil Design AB disclaims liability if you choose to do so. If you need to change the shipping address and this is notified to us after the goods have been shipped from our warehouse, a fee of 425 kr will be added. If you agree with the shipping company when they can deliver and you do not receive the goods, a fee of 395 SEK will be added. When the shipping company notifies you, you need to book and receive your delivery within 5 working days, otherwise there will be a warehouse rent from the shipping company of SEK 330 per day.

Please note that the delivery time stated on the website is preliminary. If delivery delays occur, you will be informed. Causes of delivery delays may be when a supplier or carrier can not fulfill its commitment to us. Delivery delays due to suppliers or carriers are beyond our control and we are not responsible for this.

Schangtil Design AB is responsible for payment if the product is damaged or gets lost on your way. If the item is lost or damaged when you return the goods, you are liable to pay. In cases where you as a customer believe delivery is delayed in such a way that you no longer wish to deliver an order, it is your responsibility that the order be canceled in accordance with these terms of purchase.


Transport damaged goods

If a product from Schangtil Design AB is damaged in transit, whether the damage is clearly visible or hidden, this must be notified to Schangtil Design AB within 5 days of receipt. It is therefore important that you carefully review your package when it arrives. In order to prove the right to complaint against the shipping company, it is important that you save the damaged packaging in the same condition as when the package arrived at you.



Shipping costs will be the case if no other agreement has been made.

Shipping costs are always shown at checkout when you add what you want to buy in the shopping cart.



Cancellation after the order has been expedited is not possible. In cases where orders have been expedited, the customer is obliged to receive the order. Cancellation is not valid until the customer has received confirmation from Schangtil Design AB antigen by e-mail or telephone.



You as a customer have the right to undo the purchase without giving a reason within 14 days of receipt of the goods. If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, you must submit your name, address and contact details to info@schangtil.com. Leave a clear and clear message about your decision to undo the purchase. If you return a product that does not apply to a complaint, you are the customer for the shipping cost and the return shipping cost.

In order for you to exercise your right of withdrawal on time, it is sufficient to send your message that you intend to exercise the right of withdrawal before the 14-day withdrawal period expired. Right of withdrawal does not apply to specially ordered goods (see paragraph "Restriction of the right of withdrawal" below.


The effect of exercised right of withdrawal

If you regret your purchase, we will refund all payments received from you, in addition to the shipping cost, you will be responsible for it.


Upon return, the item(s) must be returned in original packaging.

If the returned product is used to a greater extent than is required to determine its characteristics and function, Schangtil Design AB is entitled to claim compensation for the depreciation of the product. Up to 100% deductions can be made if returned products are worn, soiled or otherwise impaired, which means that we can not sell them. If we estimate that we can sell a returned product to another customer, even though the product is used to a greater extent than is required to determine its characteristics and function, but where resale can only be made at a discounted price, we make a deduction Corresponding to the assessed depreciation. Products returned in new condition, with original packaging refunded in full.


Restriction of the right of withdrawal

The distance contract law contains a number of provisions that limit the right to exercise the right of withdrawal. According to the Act on distance contracts and agreements outside business premises Section 4 does not apply for cancellation if the agreement refers to: "A product which, due to its nature, can not be returned or which can be rapidly deteriorated or become too old." This applies, for example, to goods manufactured after ordering and therefore not in stock with our suppliers. For example, it may be non-stocked furniture that is manufactured according to the customer's request regarding the color of the furniture or other adjustments on these products which make the item hardly sold to any other consumer. Products that are not covered by the right of withdrawal are marked as "Manufactured Goods." However, should you still be unsure of what goods are not covered by the right of withdrawal, please contact Customer Service.

When the customer confirms his order, the customer agrees that Schangtil Design AB commences the completion of the order. This means that the customer has no right of withdrawal from the time when products such as the above mentioned examples have begun in production.


In the event of a valid use of the right of cancellation, the refund will be made to the customer without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the date of our notification of your decision to cancel the purchase. However, the sum will be paid out at the earliest when the goods returned. In the event of a valid complaint, the refund will be made to the customer without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the advertised item. In case of rectification of errors or replacement of goods in connection with the complaint, any return shipping costs will be refunded to the consumer no later than 14 days after we have received the advertised item. We will use the same reimbursement payment method that you have used for the initial business event, unless you explicitly agree with us about anything else. In any case, the refund will not cost you anything.



It is important that you as a customer check your product / goods at when you receive your delivery to check that this is correct and error free. Once you receive your product and if it does not match what you ordered, is damaged or wrong, contact customer service. In case of complaint, please contact our customer service by e-mail info@schangtil.com. Enter the order number and reason for the complaint and we will return to you shortly with instructions on how to return the item. Defective products returned to Schangtil Design AB should be treated as if they were defective. It is extremely important for all types of returns that the product is packed in such a way that it is not at risk of injury. For private consumers, the consumer purchases apply, which means that the customer is entitled to receive the freight on a valid complaint. In cases where errors can not be detected, a fee will be charged for return shipping. Schangtil Design AB reserves the right to replace a defective item with the same model. If the item has ended, you will return the money. If a product is transport damaged, Schangtil Design AB should be contacted within a reasonable time. Complaints that occur within 5 days from the date of purchase are always counted as reasonable time.



Your personal information is handled in accordance with applicable provisions of the Personal Information Act (PUL).


SMS distribution

The mobile phone number you enter at the checkout can be used for SMS notification of delivery or other communications related to your order.



Any disputes are resolved primarily in discussion with our customer service. We follow the recommendations of the Swedish Complaints Board and also refer to the European Commission's Disputes Dispute Resolution Network: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/



All prices shown on schangtil.com are including 25% VAT.

Schangtil Design AB reserves the right to alter any price changes, incorrect prices and final sales. If such is obviously incorrect, this may force Schangtil Design AB to cancel the purchase and refund any amount paid in the best way. This can be done at any time during the course of the transaction when errors are detected. The cause of the error must be clearly reported to the customer in connection with the cancellation of the purchase.



Schangtil Design AB reserves the right to adjust prices, price errors, product information, product images and offers without notice. The product images and information texts that are available reflect the product as much as possible. Note that the images on the site may differ depending on color settings on your computer.



We strive to get the pictures of our fabrics as realistic and fair as possible. However, how a color is perceived on a computer screen may vary depending on the screen settings. Before ordering clothes, we recommend that you order fabric samples. Schangtil Design AB is happy to assist with fabric samples to see the fabric in the environment and light in which the furniture is to be found.



Schangtil Design shall be exempt from damages and other penalties if the performance of the agreement is hindered, obstructed or delayed by any circumstance beyond our control. As a liberating circumstance, government intervention, new / amended legislation, omission, war, fire, flood, labor market disturbances, prohibition, restrictions, tampering, adverse transport or weather conditions, and the company should be subject to criminal activity affecting the business. The consumer is contacted without delay and is informed of the reason why the company can not complete the purchase agreement and offered to cancel the purchase.

Schangtil design does not include agreements with customers under the age of 18, without the goalkeeper's approval.



In case of dispute, we will follow the recommendations of the General Complaints Board.



For questions, contact customer support



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